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LR Automation and Integration Services Inc is a full service industrial controls company incorporated in 2008.

LR Automation is a combination of two separate companies Logic Automation Inc (2000) and Robotic Automation Inc (2003). We have experience in various industries such as, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Mining, Packaging, Material Handling, Metal Processing.

LR Automation provides the following services:

- Control System Design (with CAD);

- Control Panel/Machine wiring:

      Custom Panels,

      Built to Customer Specifications;

- PLC Programming:

      Experienced in many brands of programmable logic


- HMI Programming;

- Safety System Design / Programming;

- Robotic Programming;

- Data Acquisition and Error Proofing Systems;

- SCADA Systems.

Additional Services:

- Safety Upgrades:

      Upgrade Safeties on Existing Equipment;

- Installation and Startup Support:

      New or Relocated Equipment;

- Cycle Time Improvements:

      Increase Throughput;

- PLC & HMI Program Improvements:

      Reduce Downtime,

      Simplify Troubleshooting;

- Shutdown Maintenance and Project Planning.

Automotive Experience

Our experience in the automotive industry is vast, working with tier 2 suppliers to OEM’s directly. Integrating robots, programming equipment, process and cycle time improvements, safety system upgrades, production support, equipment relocation, data acquisition systems, maintenance and project planning are services we have successfully provided through experience and dedication.

Food and Beverage

From bread to waffles to cheese, we have worked in various food processing facilities upgrading safety systems, implementing data acquisition systems, implementing maintenance planning systems, waste water monitoring and logging, troubleshooting equipment breakdowns and adding and programming components.


As in many industries that LR Automation has worked in, we have improved safety system programs in the mining industry.

Packaging / Material Handling

LR Automation has worked on many systems involving various types of material handling applications from simple conveyor systems to more sophisticated robotic part transfer systems. We have also integrated a very flexible and operator friendly robotic core insertion system in a brass casting facility. Through experience and ingenuity, we were able to design a system that could be reprogrammed through the HMI eliminating the dependency on robot programmers for minor robot path touchups.

Metal Processing

Safety system upgrades, troubleshooting metal processing equipment, support and training are some of the services provided in this industry.

Wastewater / Equipment Monitoring Systems

We design and implement systems to monitor wastewater, equipment such as freezers, ovens, HVAC and locations for such things as levels, on/off, alarm status, equipment failure, temperature and occupancy. Alerts sent via email and other forms of indication are used to monitor manufacturing processes.